Headshot Photography Manchester

Another creative day in the studio, we’ve been planning this session for a while and finally we got to do it. Typical corporate shoot for somebody who liked to improove their online presence. The easies way to do it is by getting some nice portraits done. Confidence, smile and open approach always pays off.

Let me quickly explain lighting setup; fairly simple but interesting setup.

The shoot was done in our studio, on the paper background. in this case I used dark gray as I think it looks much better on dhe darker background. As a main light I used 175cm octa with little fill from the reflector. This allowed me to bring some details on both sides of the face and added bit of the feel to the shoot. As a lens I used my prime Sigma Art 50mm f1/1.4 which never lets me down. Ocassionally I go for Nikon 85mm f1/1.8 but in this case I think the lens selection was correct. As a camera body I use my trusted Nikon D800. Great piece of kit and works amazing in the studio. Have a look at the pics below and let me know what you think.

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