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I couldn’t have missed this post. This was my very first assingment for this customer and it opened tons of possibilities in the field. I was really excited to get invited byย Village Hotelsย to photograph some of their wedding menu dishes. All dishes prepared by head chef to be used as template through out all the hotel branches. Really important job to do and tons of dishes to photograph. It was a long and exciting day, I managed to try our some new light setups and results were stunning.

I used two light setups, as main setup I used two strobes and white table cloth as a background. This allowed me to shood with greater depth of field to capture more details of each dish. On the side I had another setup, window sill with available light and this time different lens with small depth of field. Doing it this way allowed me to capture everything in completly different way.

On that day I was shooting using my Nikon D800 with some strobes as well as with available light for more moody feel. As a lens I used my favourite Sigma Art 50mm f1/1.4 as well as Sigma 105mm Macro for nice close ups. I’m really happy with the results and I’m sure I will see them again soon when I come in for another shoot.

Big congratulations to everyone and thanks for the oportunity of photographing it all.

Please have a look below at some pics from the day.

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